Model TV.

In news (we'd say "TV news," but is there really any other kind?)...

Rachael Ray's talk show was somehow watched, ostensibly by humans.

Joey Lawrence has apparently found room between tours of The King & I to cut a rug (yes, we realize this is old news, but we can't pass up a Rodgers and Hammerstein joke).

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip lost millions of viewers in its second half, probably because people got tired of listening and thinking. (Those viewers promptly tuned into Rachael Ray's Snacks on $4 a day in Daytona Beach.)

Unicycle 39 of America's Next Top Model begins tonight, and we are truly excited. We are also a little concerned at how excited we get for a show that consistently produces nothing "top" or "model." However, it's totes exciting that there are twins on the show. And that our DVR gets to have its inaugural CW experience.

Oh, and, of course, here's what we'll be doing for the rest of the day. Obviously.

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