Too bad, so sad.

Forgive, forgive. We've spent the morning trying to secure Sufjan Stevens tickets, port forward our Airport so we don't get kicked out of OiNK and stay away from the Peanut M&Ms.

We've failed at all three.

Anyway, we will say this.

1.) We had no idea Maggie from Ricky Gervais's show Extras was on Ugly Betty. We loves Maggie.

2.) The gay cousin on said show may be the reason we watch it for another two weeks.

Enjoy your day. We may post. We may not. We've been feeling very may/may-not lately, if you haven't noticed. We blame Lisa Whelchel. For everything. And we double blame her for not being able to get us Sufjan tix. We figured serving one crazy Christian would get us in with another. Apparently not.

God damn it.

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