Chaka! in retrospect.

Well, that's it for our latest NB Book Club. It's safe to come back now. Hi.

You know, today's adventure really helped us work out something we've always wondered: Is it better to read a book by Danielle Steel or, say, Chaka Khan than not to read anything at all? And we can finally say, with authority, the answer is yes. For if we had not delved into the world of Chaka! today, we'd never have figured out that from now on, every Chanukah we will be preparing, with love and care, Chakalatkes.

See you tomorrow. If any of y'all are going to see the Hidden Cameras tonight in NYC, say hey. We'll be the short one bitching at the tall asshole who pushed his way in front of us. G'night!

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Anonymous said...

ckakalatkes....you kill me!