The NB Book Club: Chaka!

Welcome to our third installment of the NB's internationally renowned book club. It's been a while since our last foray into the world of literature, and it's not because we don't read. It's because there was nothing to not read. Until today. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a gratis copy of the out-of-print Chaka! Through the Fire, Chaka Khan's autobiography. Now, please understand, unlike Fantasia and Paris Hilton, our previous book club authoresses, we respect Chaka Khan. And she can read. However, when any celebrity sees fit to publish an autobiography, we like to investigate. Especially when there are sparkles and an exclamation point involved.

So, today, we'll be quickly flipping through Chaka! and posting some of our favorite excerpts. And if you'd like to flip along, you can order a used copy from Amazon for 28¢. And if you choose not to, please know, we feel for you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading so we don't have to!