Out of fashion.

To honor September 11, we think it's only fitting that we list our three favorite things about our weekend Olympus Fashion Week visit:

1) Moments after we set up in the W VIP Lounge at the back of the tent, sorry, The Tent™, the place was cleared because imminently arriving Brooke Shields stipulated that no one be in the lounge while she was in the lounge. Honestly. Obviously the most hilarious thing about that was that Brooke Shields assumed it was necessary for something more than her person to clear the place.

2) In the Official Program of Olympus Fashion Week, all the designers scheduled to show were asked to provide a sentence or two about their collection. And, believe it or not, the most hysterical part of that isn't that Jay McCarroll is one of the designers who's showing. It's clearly Kimora Lee Simmons's contribution regarding her spring '07 Baby Phat collection:

"Brazilian Rainforest."

3) It's... Then... Kristin Cavallari... Um, well, there were really only two highlights. The rest was exactly as you might imagine: scenes more horrific than what befell NYC a mere five years ago on this very day.

Alas, take it easy. We're going to take the day to post a new Coffee Talk Companion, another 9/11-appropriate action if we do say so ourselves.


OH!!! If anyone has an extra Lacoste tote, preferably in yellow, do send it on. We were not quite drunk enough to grab one and run.


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