5/12 viewpoints.

Because we support editorial free speech, we feel compelled to share some emails we've gotten vocalizing varying points of view regarding today's Tribute to 5/12.

Dude, WTF??????????? I come to this site like once a week to see if I missed anything from the sites you steal your shit from and your doing some shit on yesterday???????? If I want to see the news I'll see the news. Dude, you SUCCCCK. -Bobby, Queens

The Jews did it. -"John," Brooklyn

You know what's funny, entertaining and interesting? No, really, do you? -Katie, Brooklyn

Please, for the sake of the victims of 5/12, would you refrain from running pictures of the tragedy? Thank you. -The families of the victims of 5/12

While we take sensitivity issues into consideration, we must ethically report on what we feel the public has a right to know and see. That said, please do not hesitate to continue sending us your thoughts. Thank you.

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