A moment of thanks.

In today's Wall Street Journal (don't worry—like everything else on this site, we merely were lead to it by another blog) there's an article discussing just how many blogs exist and just how many people read them. Only five blogs seem to have more than 250,000 daily readers. You may be wondering if the NB is one of them. Well, friends, while we appreciate your support, we must say that the NB is not, in fact, a blog whose daily hits total over 250,000. Do we know how many daily hits we get? Why, yes, yes we do. But we choose to keep that information, like so much else, private. The bottom line is that we don't put any stock in numbers. If we are making at least one person's day more enjoyable, then we are satisfied. And, if we're being honest, the number of our daily readers rounded to either 250,000 or one, depending on what's closer, would equal one. And, no, this is not to pat ourselves on the back for toiling so hard for a small result. Well, a little it is. It's to thank you, whoever you are, for visiting, laughing, commenting, sending hate mail, rolling your eyes, giving your screen the finger, clapping and whatever else you do in the name of the NB. So. Thank you.

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