Since we're in a sharing, giving mood today, we'd like to introduce you to this guy.

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We'll let him share in his own words...

I am very funny and very hunky and very smart and very very very humble European lol (a perfect match, ain't it?) Kidding . I am looking for a guy who's willing to share his life and his heart and get the same in return in a non-sexual love relationship. :) That's right - I am a born again Christian and I believe that there's nothing wrong with love as well as with sharing some intimacy but not when it comes to any form of pre-marital sex (including gay sex). I think that real love is really much more important than sex and sex is not necessary related to love . I am looking for good friends OR a special LOVE relationship if it happens. Send me a message if ya wanna stay in touch.

If you're looking for someone to share those quiet nights of cranberry spritzers and enlightening conversations about the virtues of having a great sense of humor and Lisa Whelchel, it's time to make that love connection. And if it works out, you have our complete permission to thank God first, Jesus second and us third.

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