5/12: Where you were when the wall came down.

The NB has been inundated with emails telling us where you were at 4pm yesterday when a 60-foot-high wall collapsed onto the Henry Hudson Parkway in upper Manhattan. Here are a few excerpts:

I was in my cubicle in the Citibank building in TriBeCa. I thought I heard some rumbling. I didn't know if I should evacuate or just stay calm. Turns out it was the a/c shutting down, but it was at 4pm, so I wonder if somehow it was related. -Jason Katz, NYC

My sister and I had just put our father into a home, one that he couldn't excape from, and we were driving back to Jersey. Then the shit came down. Lucky for us we were in the Lincoln Tunnel. Holla. -Denisha Briquolet, NJ

It was INSANE! Suddenly there was a wall and suddenly there wasn't a wall!!! I was scared. By the way, LUV YR SITE. It's sooooooo much better than my blog . -Jessica Stoot, NYC.

I was watching Judge Judy and she was yelling at some chick but it was louder than usual and I looked out my window and saw the ground sliding away. There were at least 10 people caught in it, but the news is saying no one is hurt, so I guess I was seeing things. But they aren't saying no one didn't die, so maybe I wasn't not not seeing things. I don't know. It's wack, yo, whoever did or didn't die. -Elmer Cassini, NYC

Thank you for your input, friends. Keep it coming. We'll post more later.

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