You, you with the stars in your hair.

For our next, and final, selection, we'll leave you with our newest favoritest forum...

Pics of you w/celebs!,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...in which we get to see crazed fans attacking haggard "celebs" (or, more appropriately, Kelly Clarkson) for awkward photos, like the prime example above.

Oh, and, unfortunately, the pics that ellicited this response...


Do you stalk these celebs? wtf? I'd be freaked out if some blimp kept followng me around the country, asking for pictures

...are not available because they're hosted by Photobucket, which, as we all know, is apparently totally out of bandwidth. We will, of course, check back.

And, finally, this does inspire us just a little bit, now that we joined 1996 and got a scanner, to post the pics of the lunch we had with Billy Baldwin. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

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Anonymous said...

I wanna see the pictures!