"Double Trouble."

Our last post inspired nostalgia for a certain 1980s sitcom: "Double Trouble." In it, twins, played by real-life twins Jean and Liz Sagal, went to high school in Des Moines, and when studio executives realized Des Moines doesn't make for exciting television, moved to New York City to live with their aunt. Allison Foster, played by Liz, studied fashion, while Kate Foster, played by Jean, aspired to become an actress. It was never clear how either fared as the show, which ultimately seemed be shown 40 times a day on the USA network, ran only from 1984 to 1985.

Jean Sagal (née Barbara Sagal) got her start as a sorority girl in one of the only sequels to surpass its original: Grease 2. After "Double Trouble" she did a few guest roles and technical work on several TV shows, including "Just Shoot Me." She also had the honor of directing the Olsen Twins in their cable series, "So Little Time." She currently works as an associate director/technical coordinator on the show, "Two-and-a-Half Men." Liz Sagal died of a gunshot wound to the head in 1994. Kidding! Liz, who also got her big break in Grease 2, appeared in several TV shows and movies, including Howard the Duck. She also wrote an episode of "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place." She is currently a writer and script supervisor.

As well, Jean is married and is the mother of a daughter, and Liz remains single, meaning she is a lesbian. Both remain the younger sisters of the more successful Katey Sagal, for whom we imagine they must have created lots of double trouble.

Sagal twins, The NB salutes you and your brief blip on the radar of 1984 pop culture!


Lori said...

Nice to read up on twins from the pre-Olsen mania days. I loved Double Trouble!

Anonymous said...

Boy. You're really funny. And by that, I mean this is a pretty stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Lesbian? Are you for real? Are you sure Jean is married? From what I have read elsewhere, Liz is married - although I do not know for certain if Liz has kids or not.

Anonymous said...

Liz had a relationship with Kristy McNichol.