This pic has been posted on a few blogs already, but it's suh good. Here is the Bush family at a baseball game (wait - the president's not working???). Pay special attention to the upper right-hand corner...

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Let's take a close look at that...

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The accompanying AP caption describes this as "daughter Jenna Bush, top right, leaning her head on the shoulders of an unidentifiable male friend."

There are two problems with the above AP quote. The first one is that the male is "unidentified," not "unidentifiable." Most assuredly the male was given a name by his parents and is, therefore, identifiable. You, AP, did not research that name so you mislabled him "unidentifiable" in order to deflect journalistic laziness. Tyra Banks and we expect better from you.

Secondly, "leaning her head"??? Uh... we suppose that's one way to put it when "alcoholic daughter Jenna Bush, top right, drunkenly collapses on possible stranger" isn't appropriate. But really, AP, would it kill you to print the truth about any Bush ever? One day you're going to find yourself next to dear Jenna at a pro-life fundraiser, and she's going to "lean over" and vomit on your new Crockett & Jones loafers. And you're going to look back on this day and wish you had yelled out across the land, "If we don't help her, who will?" And we will smugly sip our fetus-tini and say we told you so.

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