Reality TV, cruel mistress.

How is it physically possible that we fast-forwarded through TWO reality shows last night and THREE people were eliminated? Because not only did Tyra throw a fit on "America's Next Top Model," she also pulled a Probst and sent not one, but two girls packing at the end. The final photo, which is typically a picture of the girl who gets to stay, last night looked like this...

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So sneaky! (We're guessing also that the person at UPN who miscalculated when sweeps are was kicked to the curb, too.) However, we saw no reason whatsoever to get rid of ghetto superstar Tiffany. So what if she couldn't speak Cockney and was having second thoughts about the competition. You could have had your black mama yelling scene before elimination, Tyra, and then sent the girl with the scary eyes or the compact face home. We loved the Tiff. How dare you, Tyra. HOW DARE YOU!

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In other news, the only talented contestant was eliminated from "American Idol." Nadia Turner, we believed in you from the beginning. How dare you, America. HOW DARE YOU!

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Michael said...

There's still Carrie! Don't give up on my Okla-homie!