Models are stupid, too.

Why is "America's Next Top Model" the best reality show ever in the history of the universe? Well, there are a million reasons, but this screencap of last night's episode is one of them, especially since "STUPID" was eliminated:

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Another great part of last night's episode was when semi-comatose Kahlen found out that a girl she used to hang out with back home had passed away. Said girl soon evolved into "a friend from high school" and Kahlen spent the rest of the episode, which consisted of a photo shoot in a graveyard, crying and crying and crying about her bestest friend ever suddenly dying. Supposedly she channeled all her pain into this picture, in which she portrayed the sin "wrath"...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

...but basically this picture was the result of the photographer yelling at her to be angry and to scream. Which is exactly what it looks like.

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Michael said...

I wish I could be wrath...you know, instead of gluttony and sloth like usual...