Russell's crowing stung.

Australian crazy Russell Crowe is releasing a new solo single called "Raewyn" and has posted letters from Billy Bragg and Sting praising the song on his Web site, the UK Mirror writes.

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Sting's email says: "You're a very enigmatic man, Mr. Crowe. Your song is a royal gift to (son) Charlie - beautiful photographic images, a surprisingly tender voice and I'm touched you would send it to me. Will it get on the radio? Not a chance, mate. The days of the confessional, biographical song are over and not even you, Mr Crowe, can bring them back."

The NB does not support the careers of either of these artists but does completely endorse celebrity cat-fighting. Come on, Crowe, you're not gonna just sit there like and take it like the gay character you played in The Sum of Us, are you? You're an Oscar-winning gladiator. Let's go!

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