We who are about to die vote for "skydiving"! No, "Taj Mahal"! "Taj Mahal"!

Complying with the US government's "Let's Keep Everyone Scared All the Time!" program, the Today show, via MSNBC, has a poll of things to do before you die, featuring this slick, helpful graphic...

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Some of the things to vote on before you die before doing the things you want to do before you die are...

"Learn to dance,"
"Learn to be a cowboy,"
and the hilarious
"Eat a cheeseburger in paradise."

As we've done most of the listed items (barring "Say a special thank you"), here are some NB-specific additions to the list of things to do before we die by being shot in the head by a sniper in Jersey City.

•Sleep through the night
•Not eat like a monster at some point in any given 24-hour period of time
•Ask our therapist to repeat the last thing we said
•Buy something that's not on sale
•Realize that an airplane is a place to relinquish control and relax, rather than something liable to burst into flames and fall from the sky at any moment
•Voluntarily hug someone
•Not end up as the foreperson on a six-member jury
Quit our job KIDDING!
•Admit that the strike-through code isn't as totally and completely funny as we think it is

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Michael said...

Me likey the strikey!