Jesus, Mary and Jørgën.

Introducing the Messengers of Faith! 12"-tall figures of Jesus, Mary, David and, the old classic, Moses! Right now, they are only available for pre-order, but you can visit the site and click on each figure's head to hear him or her speak. David says something about finding comfort in the Lord's rod and staff. Hot.

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Of course, our one caveat with these figures is that, if you're going create toy representations of people who supposedly lived in the Middle East, is it possible, maybe, not to make them Caucasian, as no Caucasians are or ever were indigeneous to the Middle East? The NB strongly discourages any parent or guardian from teaching anything biblical to any child, but, if such stuff must be passed on, we highly support the inclusion of some actual geographical, ethnological information. Jesus, if he existed, which he might have as merely an eccentric carpenter, would have been dark-skinned. He would not have been Happy Meal-toy orange with dreamy blue eyes. For the love of god.

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Michael said...

Dreamy blue eyes and great abs...what more can you ask in a savior?