Almost as thrilling as Passover.

We just checked Fashion Week Daily for any reaction to the "Project Runway" finale, and, thankfully, there's nothing. Well, not nothing exactly. Less than nothing: there is a four-question interview with Daniel Vosovic done at last night's TRESemmé hair salon and finale party. Here are the four questions:

1. So it’s finally over. Are you okay?
2. Santino feels like he was made to appear a little over the top. Do you?
3. You’re getting swarmed at this party. Does that happen every day?
4. You really want people to stop coming up to you?

Nice work, FWD. You can imagine how exciting the answers are. Oh, you can't? Well, let's see, how do we put it? Let's just say that it's almost as if someone had asked Debra Messing to be involved. But no one would ever do that, right?

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