We do know Mandisa.

OK, for a few seconds the other day, we considered trying to dig up crap on the 12 "American Idol" finalists and the 13 "America's Next Top Model" girls. And, by "dig up" we meant, "Google." And, by "considered," we meant "obviously not going to happen." Which is fine, because TMZ.com has done it for us. Listen to this scandalous news:
Kellie Pickler: Seems Kel has a major sweet tooth. She frequently makes "candy runs" at the hotel and picks up Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Bears.
Mandisa: She walks around the hotel in a "Jesus Loves Pedro" t-shirt. She is also a "worship leader" at Beth Moore's Living Proof Live conferences and wants to become a Bible teacher.
Bucky Covington: He was voted "Most Likely to Trip" at his high school graduation ceremony, and guess what -- he did! By the way, Bucky's wife, Crystal, was so nervous during the 'A.I.' eliminations, she had a bucket next to the sofa in case she threw up -- thankfully, she didn't!
Elliott Yamin: Elliott's teeth are not exactly the model for a singer. But there's a medical reason why they're crooked. Elliott has diabetes, which can lead to crooked teeth. Elliott must wear a insulin pump to regulate his blood sugar levels.

Ugh, anyway, it looks like TMZ.com put as much effort into this as we did. OK, we'll help. Here are the pressing questions we'd like answers to: 1.) How old is Taylor Hicks really? B.) Why did we never see Bucky before the finals? and •) What is the radius of Ace's face? There. Now get to work. We'll be eating bon-bons by the pool. Thanx.

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