Oh, yeah! The second and final part of the "Project Runway" finale is on tonight. What with Chloe, Santino and Daniel V. being our final three choices, we nearly forgot! Well, since 0 of you asked, here's what we predict will happen this evening...

10 p.m: "Project Runway" begins on Bravo.
10.08 p.m: We finish watching the recorded premiere of "America's Next Top Model" and immediately retire to the kitchen to whip up a few Project Rumways for the guests.
10.23 p.m: We begin watching "Project Runway" on DVR.
10.26: We make more Project Rumways as we've all downed the first round from sheer boredom.
10.38 p.m: Daniel V.'s runway show begins. As expected, one guest falls asleep. We pry the Rumway from his hand and adopt it.
10.46 p.m: Chloe's runway show begins. Another guest makes for a window, opens it and jumps, all before anyone can grab his drink. The money for the broken glass will come out of his funeral expenses.
10.55 p.m: Santino's runway show begins. The remaining guest(s) marvel(s) at how drunk he/they is/are and that, because of his/their impaired faculties, when he/they look at Santino's designs, they almost make sense.
11.10 p.m: Heidi Klum announces the winner. Fortunately, we have moved on to watching the "Arrested Development" season one DVD. We're sure we'll hear about who the winner is at some point and feel a brief shiver of happiness for him/her. And then we'll drink some more, close our eyes, and see this...

AAHHHH! We mean this...

There. Better. Much better.

For faithful reader Tom, here is the recipe for a Project Rumway:

1 part coconut rum
2 parts pineapple juice
Splash of pomegranate juice

Combine in tall glass with ice and, for a special touch, add chilled pomegranate seeds.


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Tom said...

Um, do you have the recipe for Project Rumways? They sound delicious........