Well, there's good news and bad news. Which do you want first? The bad news? Of course.

The bad news is that all possible guest editors for this site are now gainfully employed and are not available for such minute-consuming guest-editing work.

The good news is that, because of this, you will be absolutely NB-free until Monday, March 27.

It's true. Your "editor" is leaving NYC for 10 days to venture to the ATL for some piano-playin' fun, and the interns went and booked themselves a suite at the Atlantic City Super 8. Please have a good 10 days, and don't do anything dumb. And if you are in the ATL area and want to give a shout out or buy a wayward gay a sweet tea, here's the show information. Come out and see us, y'heah?

Until then, then, the patient is out.


lori said...

Have fun with the Family!! I don't know if I'll be able to survive the next two weeks... but I shall try.

Gayest Neil said...

Awesome. As a georgia boy I've seen and performed in many shows at Dad's Garage. Also used to work at the Horizon theatre up the street in lil 5.