Out of the bag.

We told you it would be nice and easy. And don't think we didn't try to make it nice and rough. It's just that looking at pictures of extraterrestrials Tom and Katie and drugly Marc Antony and Sally-Kirkland-becoming Sharon Stone made us especially uncomfortable today. We just couldn't do it.

Alas, you'll have to make do with Ms. Mia, who's about to have a "purr"-thday (why, it says so in the latest "mews"!). Please notice that the average amount of comments for each of Ms. Mia's posts is approximately seven, and the average amount of comments for each post here is approximately zero.

Bravo, us. Bra-vo.

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Jen said...

Wow, and I thought my blog sucked. Mia's is...I can't even think of a word. Don't worry about the comments. They're overrated anyway. (coming from someone who has an average of 1).

lori said...

zero, except for the wonderfully entertaining posts you get from me.

Katt said...

The latest mews.... thats classic.