You're an event planner? Get in the cab.

Are you a firefighter? A pilot? A CEO? You are?! Well, then, sir or ma'am, you have what we call in the industry a...


That's right—the list of top 10 sexiest jobs of 2006 has been published, and Mr. Firefighter, you're #1 in sexy! Of course you are. We know this for a fact—the 0 firefighters we've dated were all completely, utterly sexy. True, the 0 pilots were hot, too, and we can't forget about the totally sexy 0 police officers. But, yeah, those 0 firefighters were the most four-alarm fun!

Oh, you don't know what a sexy firefighter or CEO looks like? Rest easy—Netscape has provided a helpful "Sexiest Jobs" slide show. No, really. Seriously. Just click on the link below the photographs of the firefighter and CEO. Oh, right. You probably can't if you don't know what they look like. Hmmmm. Well, here's what an interior designer (#8 sexiness) looks like...

...so, you know, maybe use that as a springboard and try to work it out.

Anyway, hoo-ray for SEXY, SEXY, SEXY JOBS!

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