Messing it up.

And the winner of "Project Runway" is...


Um. OK. So, here's the thing. We've always hated Debra Messing—her acting is terrible and her timing is deplorable. Because she was the celebrity guest judge on PR last night, today, we want to kill her. Of the three collections unleashed on the world, Chloe's "Awesome '80s Prom" collection was easily the most forgettable. Both Santino and Daniel V.'s collections, while nowhere near perfect, were oodles more interesting than Chloe's. A win by either of them would have been much preferred over Chloe's victory—a victory, we might add, that dear Chloe seemed nonplussed by. It was unfortunate that when Chloe's name was announced as the winner, the only thing we felt was a huge amount of relief that this show was finally over.

Debra Messing, what do you know about fashion?

Oh, right. Nothing.

What do you know about ruining entertainment?

Oh, right. Everything.

Well, perhaps next year a designer who deserves to win and a guest judge who deserves to guest judge will wrap up "Project Runway." Until then, enjoy this.

Another Project Rumway, please!


About Blogreader said...

I agree and though I don't hate Chloe I did not like her "fantasy collection" at all. For a brief flash I think Nina Garcia considered fighting for Santino, but then Debra Messing (talk about timing) said, "I made up my mind!" and the other judges said, "Me too!" "Me three!" and she folded.

The NB said...

Blogreader, that is a very good point. The celebrity judges did totally fold after Messing announced she'd picked her winner. Garcia totally wanted to fight but was outnumbered, especially by Michael Kors's giant head. Clearly, Messing ruined it all.