Kathy specific.

At least "America's Next Top Model" premiered last night, right? Though we were disappointed that the racist wasn't selected as one of the final 13 girls, we were not surprised. Tyra is infamous for not knowing good TV—need we mention her early dismissal of Tiffany, her even earlier dismissal of the blonde girl who was all about making out with lesbian Kim, or her talk show? Well, pretend we needn't.

Anyway, Kathy was the first to go last night after an unusually impressive photo shoot for which the girls "went bald" (in another instance of Tyra not knowing good TV, the girls had bald caps placed on their heads rather than having their heads shorn). Kathy's dismissal matters for two reasons:

1) On February 17, we featured this post in which we wrote "[Kathy] may be the first to go." We are proud that after five cycles of this crap, we're finally getting the hang of things.

2) We have the opportunity to speak to Kathy today at 3 p.m. So, if you have any questions for her, please let us know. So far, we have two: "Obviously, Nnenna has this one in the bag. How do you feel about a girl who only has one consonant in her name winning?" and "Congratulations on being the first off the bus to guaranteed obscurity!" OK, one. So, you know, help us if you'd be so kind.

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