A Blair in the life: August 2005.

Have Faith...

While I was spending the day at LifeWay, my friend, Faith Whatley, confessed that she had been teasing her friend, Travis Cottrell, about a childhood crush he had on me when I was on “The Facts of Life.” (Travis is a praise and worship artist and he leads worship for Beth Moore's live events.) Apparently, he even wrote a fan letter to me when he was a kid. Well, Faith just couldn't let that kind of blackmail information alone without using it to torture him.

So, she had me return one of his calls acting as “her assistant.” What was so funny was the fact that he answered the phone with, “You take the good, you take the bad…” He recognized my voice immediately but I took him off guard when I invited him and his wife to join me and my manager, Ron's, family for dinner that night.

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