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I see the rest of my life as a privilege--a bonus. The last straw was when I stepped into a van huffing and puffing. My knees buckled, my ankles did not work and I felt old. Wake up call! I took more vitamins, drank more water and started dancing. I went out into the community to socialize, participate, and volunteer. Now I have no more joint pain without meds. But that AARP magazine still blares loudly in my mailbox - “Fiona has entered seniorhood.”

a) Fiona Apple
b) Fiona Shaw
c) Fiona from Shrek
d) Fiona Page

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Hear, hear.

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Anonymous said...

After viewing the out of context quotes claimed to be made by her on this "homosexual" website, Ms. Fiona Page demands that any images and/or words linked to or of her are taken down. If not, boy, this God-fearing lady from Georgia will personally go into "cyberspace" and track down the wiseass who is slandering her good name. For God's sake, the woman has 6 children, and 81 grandchildren, and if they thnk she is associated in anyway with a gay, they will kick her out of Georgia.