A Blair in the life: February 2005.

February was an uneventful month for Whelchel-Cauble. Well, at least in our eyes it was. Still...

During my quiet time a couple of mornings ago I was reading the passage in Hebrews three and four about entering into God’s rest. I had just awakened from a fretful night of unrest so my interest was especially piqued. Oh nothing serious, just the normal things. Worried about my children and some of the attitudes I see sneak out of their hearts. Overwhelmed at the task before me of writing the Creative Correction Bible Study. Concerned about spending money on a new washer and dryer at the same time we are trying to finally get window treatments up in the house. Distressed over the busyness of our lives and wondering how to change that. Anxious about my cousin, Christal, who has a mysterious infection. You know, the things all of us face and then try to fix.

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