Oh, just have to say that one-hour-and-forty-five minute buildup to Rhonetta Johnson's audition last night on "American Idol" was not appreciated. Comparing the unexceptionally bad Rhonetta to the likes of the glorious Mary Roach was like comparing apricot jam to Vegemite. Rhonetta Johnson had one wonderful moment, when she waved away the drink that Paula offered her, but, besides that, was routinely forgettable. More memorable was the poor thing in the pink cowboy hat. Or the white Michael Jackson. Or us drinking Pinot Grigio and checking email whilst fast-forwarding through Simon's birthday party. Please, people, get it together.


ZRW said...

Rhonetta was AMAZING. She's the reason tv was invented.

You know how I know? Because ten of my motherfucking psychic friends
told me!

Tom said...

Rhonetta was a total letdown after all the hype. Seacrest made it sound like she and Paula were gonna brawl..........But her incessant bitching made my night! You better bow down bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

bow down bitch ..LOL and now she has a site ....oh my rhonettajohnson.com is a real site and it's classic!