Riches untold.

We were just silently reminiscing about one of our old favorite shows, "Rags to Riches." You know, the one where millionaire Joseph Bologna adopts six kids and launches Tisha Campbell to stardom? And they all occasionally sing? And it all lasts for less than a year? Yes, that one.

We wanted to do a big "Rags to Riches" extravganza, but, as there's a dearth of available information regarding the show, please enjoy the summary of the series finale entitled "Sweet 16":

The Cuban missile crisis hits the girls full blast as Russia threatens to attack the United States. Nick decides to build a bomb shelter when Mickey becomes afraid of being vaporized. Diane plans a very emotional sweet 16 party, with the idea of creating harmony with Russia.

Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Ever since glasnost, TV hasn't been the same. How we miss you, childhood. You, too, Tisha.

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ZRW said...

This show was amazing. It provided a serious career boost to Heidi Ziegler, better known as Sherry Lubbock on "Just the Ten of Us."

Regretably, there were few, if any, choreographed singing/dancing numbers on "Just the Ten of Us." That is, except when coach Lubbock directed the plays at St. Augustine's School for Boys.