All right. We thought this relationship would work out, but clearly it's not. Seriously. You get one "Project Runway" designer to stay the night, and suddenly you and your interns are their hostages. People, no matter how many times you may say it to yourselves, "What at night seems OK reveals teeth come the day" is an adage that's never wrong. Never.

Alas, this seemingly innocuous and quite cute designer...

...as crazy as it may seem, has, in sunlight, turned into this...

Fortunately, we've discovered that it's somewhat easy to distract him if you throw sequins in his direction. It happens that we have a large bag of sequins left over from an honorary birthday party we had for Helen Gurley Brown, so intern Yskediew is throwing them one by one at Dan while interns Injlundtstedt and Paco try to procure a gun with a silver bullet. Or just a net. We knew that Daniel went to F.I.T., but we thought he had his own place in the city by now. It's time for him to go. He's already ruined our day w/r/t the NB. At least let us shower, Dan. Please!

In fairness, the scarf does look fabulous.

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