A Blair in the life: January 2005.

Today, we're going to post excerpts of our favorite journal entries from one Lisa Whelchel's online diary. Lisa Whelchel (née Blair from "The Facts of Life") now preaches the word of God when she's not taking care of her children, Clancy, Tucker and Haven or her husband, Steve Cauble. These excerpts are taken from entries posted in 2005. We will feature our favorite of each month.

So, without further ado, we proudly give you our first Coffee Talk excerpt from January 2005:

Tucker turned 15 last week. He had an awesome birthday party. He invited five other boys over after church on Sunday. They spent the rest of the day playing Game Cube, pool, music and cards. But from the sound of it you would have thought all they did was wrestle. The rest of the family stayed downstairs and it sounded like a herd of wild elephants upstairs. Steve and I were sure the upstairs would be in pieces whenever we dared go up there. They eventually settled down sometime in the middle of the night and yet they were up and raring to go early the next morning.

I loaded up the six boys, an ice chest, plenty of snacks and layers of clothes and headed to a fabulous paintball course in Waxahachie, Texas called “Madd Dogz.” The boys shot each other all day and I slept in the van the whole time, waking just long enough to bring them hamburgers, drinks, snacks and, of course, to take pictures. At the end of the day Tucker said it was the best birthday party he’d had all year.

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