A Blair in the life: November 2005.

Barf bags...

For each child’s 13th birthday we’ve taken them somewhere special. Tucker went with his dad to San Francisco. I took Haven to a Spa & Resort. It doesn’t get much better than a cruise for a milestone birthday celebration. Traditionally, we would bring along Dr. Dobson’s “Preparing for Adolescence” tapes and in between fun times and good food we would listen to the tapes with the kids.

Considering Tucker warned Haven to “pack a barf bag” before her trip, Clancy asked if she could forego the “poohburty” tapes for the cruise. Her argument was, “I’m going to be sick enough as it is just being on the boat.” So, considering it would be a shame to “lose” all that delicious cruise food, we struck a deal. She could listen to the tapes when we got home.

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