Commemorating 1/4.

Well, we've actually just been in touch with perennial "Project Runway" contestant Daniel Franco and asked him to design a ribbon for the recent events in West Virginia. At first, he was a little hesitant because he said he was busy applying for season 3, but a few moments ago we received an image in our inbox.


Franco writes, "Hi there. I'd just like to say that this ribbon is black to symbolize both the darkness of the mine and the coal which was the miners' livelihood. The goldenrod trim represents the sunlight they'll one day see when they emerge from their darkness. The phrase 'Bring them home' stands for the sentiment the miners' relatives must have been feeling while being lied to. I wanted to include 'already,' but there just wasn't enough room. I hope you enjoy my design. Thank you, Heidi. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you. —Daniel F."

No, thank you, Daniel Franco. We appreciate this exclusive design you've created for us. Presently, intern Hesmeralda is ironing the design on packages of "slightly irregular" shirts we grabbed from a bin at Odd Jobs. They'll be $35 in XXXL or XXXXL —let us know if you're interested.

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