How could we forget? One of our favorite movie review sites, Ruthless Reviews, has posted Matt Cale's worst movies of 2005. Me and You and Everyone We Know has been on lots of "best of" lists, but because both Cale and fourfour called it a pretentious piece of movie crap, we have to side with them. No, we have not seen it.

Here are Google News's results for lists of the worst movies of the year. Unfortunately, we don't have time to go through them and analyze. If you want to, be our guest. We'll pay you in outdated Pottery Barn coupons.

Slate.com's movie club has been meeting for the past week. Jonathan Rosenbaum and David Edelstein are two of our favorite critics, and the movie club is where you can follow their discourse on the year in film.

Also, here's retrocrush's 100 most annoying things of 2005. It's good to see that crazy runaway bride's eyes again. And is it wrong of us to say we have a teensy-weensy crush on Tucker Carlson?



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