America's Next Top Caller #1.

We're going to recap the conference as best we can, caller by caller. (Don't worry, apparently only 3 people were invited to participate in this event, so it won't be too much.)

First caller:
We picture her as a large twentysomething TOTALLY, YOU GUYS into everything Top Model because, as the conversation progressed, she apparently thought the teleconference was the "Just Jackie" show. Nigel, with the swift and luxurious pressing of a button, finally hung up on her. For reals. It was a sublime moment. Jay Manuel even commented on his action.

Here's an artist's rendering of Jackie:

The image “http://www.kevhead.com/images16/0813%20our%20staff%20fat%20girl.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

What did we learn from Jackie's interaction (AKA the Injerjaction)?
The judges do not see any recorded footage from the house or photo shoots before making their elimination decisions. The only help they get is a note from Jay Manuel regarding the girls' behavior at the shoot(s).

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