America's Next Top Caller #4.

Finally! A male. Albeit a gay male. But obviously every male who called in was gay. This one's name was Rich. He seemed pleasant, though we expected a more intriguing question than "Will cycles 2 through 5 be released on DVD?"

Here's an artist's rendering of Rich:

What we learned from Rich's interaction:
Ken Mok, ANTM executive producer, admitted that the sales of the first-cycle DVD tanked and that there were no plans to release the subsequent seasons. As Viacom does own the show (along with 82.3% of the world's fresh water), VH-1 does air marathons of the various cycles from time to time. Also, Tyra and Jay, when out on the town together, sometimes go into Virgin Megastores et. al. and autograph copies of the first season sets still on shelves, so you may want to check out those unbought sets the next time you're in a store! (Of course, we did spend 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. last night hitting each Virgin and Tower in the city to sign each unbought cycle one set with "Kisses! Tyra" and "XOXO Jay!", but who'll know the diff?)

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