America's Next Top Caller #s 5–whatever.

This is where it gets tricky, folks. After Rich's call ended, we were put through to the teleconference. We had to turn our computer down and listen to the event live over the phone. Which means we were not listening at all. Alas, caller #5 is a mystery to us. Caller #6? His name was Matt, and he sounded erudite, handsome and completely hilarious.

Here's an artist's rendering of Matt:

What we learned from Matt's interaction:
First, that, even though this cycle's girls seem to be older and taller than the girls from previous cycles, the producers didn't have any certain image in mind when they were choosing contestants. Which we think is a lie. Anyway, that's not important. Here's what's important:

Matt: Can I ask you one more question, Nigel?
Nigel: Sure, Matt.
Matt (swooning): When Tyra screamed at Tiffany during cycle 4, were you horrified?
(Laughter from Jay followed by silence. Finally:)
Nigel: Yes.
Matt: Thanks very much, guys! Goodbye!

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