America's Next Top Caller, finis.

Guess who called back.

For real. Jackie. For a second Interjaction in which she, no lie, asked Ken Mok if she could be the head of the official ANTM fan club. She basically asked for a job, which would be totally brilliant if she'd a) asked for a real job and b) wasn't completely serious. Alas, Ken did not offer Jackie a job. What Jackie did manage to accomplish was to set off the "If the crazy calls back it's time to end the teleconference" alarm.

And so we had our final caller, Jared. He asked if Jayla had actually stolen the granola bars in the last cycle of the show. Ken said they didn't have the video to prove she did but that they believed she did. This would have been an exciting exchange if we had any recollection of who Jayla was, but, obviously, once a cycle ends, all relative information is mercifully destroyed by our synapses.

Ah, well. After Jared, the hourlong teleconference ended, but not before noted fashion photographer NB had a chance to let underwhelming has-been Web site NB know that cycle 6 of "America's Next Top Model" is maybe his favorite cycle so far. Does this NB believe him?

Well, do we?

Sure, Nigel.

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