America's Next Top Caller, circa 12.

Brandon was the gayest and, therefore, most infuriating caller of the evening. His opening went something like, "Heyguys. I'm going to ask the first dramatic question of the night. FI-nally!" Then he proceeded to ask a question that instead of being dramatic was more, how do you say, entirely forgettable. We'd like to remind Brandon that just because it's spoken with a lisp doesn't make it more important.

Here's an artist's rendering of Brandon:

What we learned from Brandon's interaction:
According to Ken Mok, everyone worked as hard as they could to get Adrianne Curry work after cycle 1, but it just didn't happen. However, according to Jay, Adrianne is very successful. She just happened to choose "celebrity" over "modeling" and, because of this success, is marrying a Brady. And if you think we're making this up, well, that's your choice to make.

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