Wild Korses.

OK. Three things about last night's Project Runway, and then we'll leave it alone.

1.) HOW DID THIS WIN???????????

Srsly, people. Fine—we campaigned for Vincent at the beginning just because he seemed like good TV. He is not. We were wrong. We now have two debacles on our hands after last week's ousting of Allison and this week's non-winning of Uli. Memo to judges: GET RID OF VINCENT. Now. Like, right now. Like, we don't even need to see it. Just make him go away.

2.) We finally figured out who Michael Kors looks like: a female version of his mother.

3.) Congratulations to Project Runway for what may have been the most uncomfortable, awkward and downright psychotic idea in reality show history. Getting innocent family members involved in their crazy kids' game show dreams is questionable enough. But forcing the kids' to design for another contestant's mother/sister via a humiliating grade-school-style kickball pick-off (we know there's got to be an easier way to say that; we just can't figure it out) is even more cringe-inducing. And when Jeffrey ends up with nemesis Angela's mom, it's, well, this...

Utterly horrifying.

And completely wonderful.

Thanx, PR. We luv ya. NOW GET RID OF VINCENT.

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