All signs point to Fantasia.

After that last post, we didn't think we could find anything more hilarious today. Guess what? WE DID!

According to ABC News, a North Carolina couple in their twenties wants signs promoting Fantasia's book "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale" (recently excerpted on the NB as part of its first book club) removed from their town (and Fantasia's hometown) because they think the book portrays the town in a negative way. As you may already know, Fantasia is what she calls herself a "functional illiterate," and she blames her local schools for her shortcomings.

The couple, Kyle Sandler and Jennifer English, don't want their town's image tarnished. "I can see people driving in to (the furniture) market saying, 'Ha ha ha. Fantasia hates them but look at the signs saying 'Welcome to High Point, home of Fantasia Barrino,'" Sandler said.

Now, apparently the couple have created a Web site to counter Fantasia's slander. ABC provides a link to it at the URL http://www.fantasiaslies.com. But, when we went there, we found a functionally non-functional Web site. Imagine our utter disappointment. We don't know if they were forced to remove the site or if it never existed in the first place. But we're DYING to see it, if it exists. Alas, we have two of our interns working on it and will report back if any progress is made.

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Unknown said...

Here's my letter for her:

FANTASIA, I am just surprised at how you inspire my students with your lifestory and your songs. You see, my school here in Washington DC is an all African-American school, and in my special ed class I allow my students to listen to your CD because your songs give them hope and motivation to go on and follow their dreams. YOU INSPIRE THEM! We talked about you again this afternoon and they would like to invite you to come and visit our school when you come by Washington DC. Our school is near the Smithsonian Museums and you can drop by while you're on your tour *wink*. We'd be very glad and honored if you can respond to this fan mail. YOU ROCK!