Secret society pages.

This probably will not interest anyone at all but us, but, according to the Village Voice's 2005 Best of New York, the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge is open to the public. That means that, in the giant Masonic building on 23rd and 6th in NYC (yes, there's a Freemason lodge on 23rd and 6th, people. Come on.), the library is not under wraps and guarded by one-eyed skeletons with swords. You can go in it! Which is what we plan to do later this evening, as Tuesday is the only day the library is open late. Unfortunately, you do have to be a Mason to check the creepy books out of the library, but, fortunately, we are being accompanied by Jackie Mason, as long as he finishes telling the same joke about Jews and hypochondria for the eleventy-hundreth time, by 6:30pm.

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