Viva Tonya Harding!

Here she is, world! It's Miss Tonya Harding via her very own Web site!

This very important site has got all the Tonya Harding goods you'd ever want, like pics, messages and even movie clips, including this one which is apparently Tonya singing something in Portland. There's even a bio page, which, long as it is, doesn't mention a thing about hiring someone to club Nancy Kerrigan on the leg.

Anyhoots, we're sure you'll spend many valuable milliseconds perusing this site. Just please be aware that, though Tonya can still perform a triple axel, she "doesn't feel the need to do it anymore." So, if you get in touch with Tonya's agent Linda Lewis to book her for an engagement, better not to ask her to do a triple axel if you want to keep both knees. Bitch.

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