Degrassi: the benefit.

We just stumbled across this page upon hearing that "Degrassi" actor Aubrey Graham (who plays angry wheelchaired Jimmy) is an aspiring rapper...

It's a page that features poetry and songs written by "Degrassi" cast members in 2003 to help spread awareness of AIDS/HIV. We're partial to Cassie Steele's (whore Manny) "Prayer" and Adamo Ruggiero's (gay Marco) "Me and You," which includes the line...

I grab a bite to eat, then shampoo my hair and iron my jeans,

Your siblings scream with hunger and you are their only means.

There's also a clip from the video the "Degrassi" kids did for UNICEF.

But, wait, there's more! There's a whole gossip page, which has this bit of info:

"There may be a musical episode."

Well, judging from the above UNICEF work, we sure hope so!

Alas, it looks like this may be the last season of "The Next Generation." We hope Liberty's bi-racial baby will eventually serve as the basis for "Degrassi: Voyager." There needs to be a quality show for the children we'll never, ever, ever have to watch in 15 years from now.

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