Road to recovery.

Guys, it's true, the past few months have been rough for the NB. We lost our film intern to the Wichita Lineman, and we failed to renew two Russian interns' contracts because we thought it was just backwards writing and all we needed was a mirror to read them. Headquarters has been searched four times by Homeland Security, and there was a leak in the crawlspace in the wall where intern Ramon INSISTS on sleeping. We maxed out our corporate card and flew to Pittsburgh for a convention that took place in Philadelphia. All in all, we haven't slept much in the past few months. It's been downright exhausting just scouring the Web for awful pictures of Haley Joel Osment and Rosie O'Donnell. Which is why we're so completely, utterly thrilled that we'll probably be able to relax a little more and sleep a little better since reading this encouraging piece of news.

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