Just White, Just Right, #3.

This response is from 13-year-old Ben Goldstein.

So I invited Lynx and Lamb to my Bar Mitzvah because they live a couple of doors down and my mom told me to because they were new in town and nobody had heard anything about them. My mom made me bring the invitation over to their house. When I did, they both answered the door. I didn't really want to be there, so I just told them my name and said I was inviting them to my Bar Mitzvah. One of them spat at me and the other one kicked me in the shin. Then their mom came to the door, called me a dirty Jew and slammed the door in my face. I stood there because I was so shocked, and then I heard some singing. When I got home, my mom looked at me like she'd seen a ghost and apologized for sending me over to what she called a hornet's nest. Then she called her best friend Susan Schram, and I heard her say something about killing them.

That's basically my experience with Lynx and Lamb. They didn't come to my Bar Mitzvah, by the way.

Ben Goldstein

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