Just White, Just Right, #2.

This response is from Max Welsh, a Pacific Northwest regional concert booker and promoter.

Prussian Blue, Lynx and Lamb's band, was suggested to me for a small arena concert in Portland. I later found out the woman behind it all was their mother, but that's not important. What is important is when I met them (They would not send me a demo, and two young blonde twins who sing and play music is PERFECT for the 18-29-year-old demographic presently, so I didn't want to let the opportunity pass by), the played a few songs for me. One was "Sacrifice," which I think you're familiar with. I heard Rudolph and thought they were singing about a reindeer, which was even better because blond twins doing Christmas stuff would send the 18-29s over the top. Who can say they made money from that crowd with a Christmas concert? This was looking better and better. Except that the song also mentioned all these other names, none of which were Comet, Blitzen etc. So I asked them what happened to Rudolph, and they told me he was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg and died in prison. They said it wasn't fair. I agreed and said that's a terrible fate for an animal. They told me Rudolph wasn't an animal, he was an upstanding citizen who was just doing the necessary work to save his race. I told them it was true, that he did end up guiding Santa's sleigh, which is when they just started staring at me with this glazed, creepy look on their faces. It was like their blue eyes were sparkling. Sparkling with terror. I asked what was wrong and they began to go on and on about Rudolph Hess, who I now know spells his name Rudolf. They told me I had no idea about anything. Lynx spat on me and Lamb kicked me in the shin. Their mom grabbed their hands and stormed out of my office. That was when I did an internet search on Prussian Blue and found out they were miniature twin racists. Ends up a good thing I didn't book them, though I still think it would have been a sellout. I'm telling you, it's all about young, hot twins.


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