Work and play.

Pardon us, friends, we were at the dentist this morning. And now we have clerical work to do because intern Shinzo filled out the expense reports from right to left, so we have to correct that. However, please enjoy the list of what we saw last night, all for free:

1) The aforeposted Freemason Library, which houses a set of books called 10,000 Famous Freemasons and some creepy, CREEPY paintings.

2) Brini Maxwell, doing a reading at Barnes & Noble in Chelsea, of course!

3) In My Life, the $7.2-million Broadway musical which features a $7.1-million set, a little girl who thinks she's on "Star Search," and "rumor" rhymed with "tumor."

All in all, a perfect NYC evening. More later...


Lori said...

I'm very upset these lines were cut before last night:

Rocker: Vera, I have to tell you something. I'm the one...
Vera: I know
Rocker: You do?
Vera: Yes. And I forgive you.
Rocker: YOu do?
Vera: Yes.
Rocker: Well thanks. I guess I'll see you around, Vera.
Vera: Hey, rocker dude, do you like 7eleven?
Rocker: 7eleven is cool
Vera: I like slushies.
Rocker: Slushies are cool.
Vera: I like grape.
Rocker: Grape is cool.

The NB said...

That was CUT? That would have easily been the least senseless dialogue of the evening.

Lori said...

I guess I'd have to agree with you on that one!