The NB Sports Page.

One of our Dominican interns, Javier, complained that we never feature any sports news. When we told him we spell "game" with a "y" between the "a" and "m," he just stared at us. Probably because he doesn't speak a lick of English (we knew he was complaining by the rebus he drew for us), but still. When he started crying, however, we had to throw him a bone. So, here for the first and probably last time, the NB Sports Page featuring three exciting sports-related items.

1) SPORTS SASS! Air Force Academy Falcons' coach, Fisher DeBerry attributed his team's latest loss to the fact that the other team had more black players, and blacks "can run very, very well."

2) SPORTS SHOCKER! WNBA MVP announced she's a lesbian. Because she's black, she announced this while running.

3) SPORTS SLAMMER! Tonya Harding was attacked by her boyfriend this past weekend. He got caught by the police because he's white and did not run.

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